The Whale Wins

The Whale Wins – I was so excited to come here for dinner that I was almost afraid that I might be disappointed from the anticipation and expectations I had.  Well, the whale totally won.  I LOVE THIS PLACE!   The plus was  being in great company of a couple of my girlfriends as well.  We showed up around 6:30pm on a Wednesday and the wait was ONLY an hour.  Not bad.  The girlfriends and I shared our dinner family-style.  That is the way to go here so that you can try out more dishes.

Loved the ambiance, but it was kind of strange knowing that right over the wall is an outdoor gear/apparel store.  Note the open space of the warehouse.  I’m wondering how the smell of the food affect the apparels.

Ha!  This hung right over us.  We got a good laugh from it.  See the pull away shot above to see what the lights spell out.

We started with the Columbia City Bakery Bread & Butter.

Roasted Local Roots Carrots & Fennel served with harissa and yogurt.  The peppers were a surprise.  Simple things but yet so good!

This was one of the special dishes not listed on the menu that night.  It’s beef crepinette w/chick peas and was very tasty.

Roasted Yakima River Trout with roasted lemons and walnut sauce.  The fish was cooked perfectly and of course delicious.  I love seeing the local area mentioned in the name of the dish.

Painted Hills Marrow Bones with sea salt and homemade  pickled chanterelle salad.  I love home cooked bone marrow in soups or broths, but have never enjoyed bone marrow at restaurants because it seems to be all fat.  These marrows weren’t all fat so these marrows made me happy.  Also, I don’t like mushrooms but “pickled” chanterelle?  Never had it and ended up liking it a lot.

Last of our main courses was the Roasted Mad Hatcher  Half Chicken with cauliflower, butter and chervil.  The skin (my favorite part) was nicely roasted and the chicken was moist.  Look closer and you see orange zest on the chicken.  I loved the hint of citrus flavor.  I’m considering added orange zest to some of my chicken dishes now.

Now onto desserts… I’m so glad my girlfriends are also sweet tooth’s.  We went family style on dessert as well =)

Everyone’s favorite, the Butter Roasted Zucchini Bread sitting on creme fraiche.  That is sea salt sprinkled on top.  It brought out both the sweet and savory flavors.  BTW, this was our first time having zucchini bread… we loved it!

Nutmeg Custard and Brown Sugar Shortbread Cookies.  It was delicious and is a great pair.

Wild Huckleberry Eton Mess.  This was a last minute choice and it was a ggrat choice.  We needed the fruity tart of the huckleberry and the airy lightness of the meringue cookies (at least that’s what I think they were) to balance against the rich zucchini bread and custard.  Perfect!

I will come back here any chance I get especially knowing the menu may change due to availability of local ingredients.  Really happy with our food and experience here.

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January 25, 2013

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