Revel’s Brunch

A happy disappointment.   I finally made it out to Revel for lunch and was given the brunch menu.  When I asked for the lunch menu we were told they only do brunch.  I was a little confused.  The website listed hours for brunch, lunch and dinner, but I guess there’s really only two menus (brunch and main).  Oh well, I was just excited to finally be able to go there.  Although my in-laws are Korean, the majority of my Korean meals are home-cooked by my MIL.  We rarely go out to Korean restaurants to eat because mom’s cooking is best. Revel took me to a whole different place… a very yummy place.  I love the innovative and Korean inspired dishes.  First, the kimchi bloody mary.  Pretty nice twist on the bloody mary.  I didn’t love it, but didn’t hate it either.  Then the Monkey bread, a sweet bread with BBQ pork, pickled jalapeno and spiced maple syrup. Though there was nothing authentic or Korean about it, it was surprisingly very good.  The Short Rib rice bowl was another pleasant surprise.  I mean, I thought I knew what to expect but this rice bowl had flavors I’ve yet to experience from the MIL’s cookings.  Not pictured is the Revel Ramen.  I’m not too crazy of a ramen person, but it wasn’t bad either.  I seriously I can’t wait to make it back for the main/dinner menu.  Very soon hopefully!


Revel on Urbanspoon

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September 22, 2012

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