Dine Around Seattle – Fall 2012

I love events like Seattle Restaurant Week and Dine Around Seattle.  I just wish they weren’t back-to-back.  Luckily though, I was able to take more advantage of the Dine Around Seattle specials over SRW just weeks prior.  They’re the perfect and affordable opportunities for catching up with friends over dinner, heading out off the office to lunch with co-workers or celebrating life’s events like birthdays.

The Scotch and Vine

I was elated to find a little neighborhood establishment outside of Seattle participating in Dine Around Seattle.  That means not having to drive into Seattle!  I have never heard of The Scotch and Vine before so I “yelped” it.  Again and again, people kept talking about the amazing mac and cheese.  That sold me instantly.  And guess what?  This mac and cheese that was spoken of was on the Dine Around Seattle menu served double portions!  Both the hubs and I ordered from the Dine Around Seattle menu. For the starters, we had the Crab Stuffed Roma Tomatoes and Fried Pickle style Arancini with garlic aioli.  Both were okay, the stuffed tomatoes were better than I had expected and I was a little disappointed by the arancini hoping for more fried pickles in them.  For the entrees, the hubs got the Carlton Farms confit pork cheeks over pappardelle pasta in tomato rago.  I only took a bite (which was unmemorable) since I was too excited for my mac and cheese which came with a dry aged beef skewer.  The mac and cheese, which is made from a blend of four cheeses was delicious.  It was good but I wouldn’t say it was amazing.  I wish a different pasta (of smaller size) was used instead.  Then finally for dessert I got the walnut fudge brownie and the hubs got strawberry creme brulee.  Being the sweet tooth I am, both were just okay as well.  Our friends ordered the deep fried bread pudding (not on the Dine Around Seattle menu) and I have to say that was different and was quite good.  You know what they say about deep fried anything :)


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My co-worker and I ventured out of our usual cafeteria lunch and decided on Chiso in Fremont.  The three course lunch came with a miso soup bonus. The seaweed salad was dressed in rice vinaigrette and was light and flavorable.  Our shared sushi rolls were quite good.  Way better than Blue C down the street (I actually shouldn’t even compare).  The portions were much larger than I had expected as well.  For dessert we both went for the flan which wasn’t as rich as I had expected.  In retrospect, flan just seem so out of place.  I regret not going for the sorbet flavor of the day.  All in all, our meal was a great deal.  I can’t complain much here!

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So, I made reservations for Lecosho during SRW but a family emergency came up causing me to cancel an hour before my reservations.  Good thing I got a second chance with Dine Around Seattle, but funny thing is I didn’t order from the special 3-course menu.  I really wanted and finally tried the Porchetta, pork tenderloin wrapped with pork belly.  Oh yea, pork belly baby!  The skin layer left on the pork belly was somewhat chewy, but it was worth the work.  I loved the dish.  It was so flavorable.  Even the beans they pork sat on were amazing!  The hubs ordered the lamb shank which was braised.  I tried a few bites and not bad… but I was stuck on my porchetta more.  For dessert, I ordered the peppercorn shortbread which came with maple pot de creme.  The creme was okay, but loved the shortbread.  It was light and just right and the peppercorn gave the perfect kick.

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Blueacre Seafood

Went to Blueacre Seafood on the last day of Dine Around Seattle for a friend’s belated/surprise birthday dinner.  I had no idea what quite to expect, but glad we decided to come here. Hubs ordered the dungeness crab cake and cioppino.  The crab cakes was okay.  Since I’m not a fan of mustard I didn’t like the sauce that dressed it.  The cioppino was a huge bowl of goodness.  It can definitely feed two.  I decided to order from the Dine Around Seattle menu.  For the starter, I got the Hawaiian Tuna Poke.  I rarely enjoy eating raw fish and I loved it. For the main entree, I got the Kasu Marinated Black Cod.  In fact, four out of six of us ordered it and we all loved it.  Personally, I thought it was amazing.  It was very flavorable and the cod was cooked just right.  It was soft, moist and just melted in my mouth.  I think black cod may just be my favorite fish after this.  Finally, for dessert I got the chocolate pecan pie.  Sorry, I totally forgot to snap a photo of it.  Too bad the pie didn’t come a la mode.  Regardless, it was still good.  All in all, I think I have to put this on my list of seafood restaurants to tell my out of town friends about.

Blueacre Seafood on Urbanspoon

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November 20, 2012

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