Seattle Restaurant Week – Fall 2012

My first pick was Poppy.  I wanted to try this place back in the Spring edition of SRW but I ran out of time.  It was of course at the top of my list this time around.  Just reading up on the  Indian thali style servings sounded very interesting.  It reminds me of Korean banchan side dishes.  Let me say the deal during SRW was great and totally worth it.   There was so much food!  You get an appetizer, the thali tray and then dessert.  I was so stuffed that I left in discomfort rather than satisfied.  I wanted to taste everything,  including my friend’s thali.  This is my first time in SRW history that I didn’t eat up everything.  The trays came with a main entree and plenty of sides.  Each dish was punched with herbful flavors… yea I just made up the word herbful.  Although the food was served thali style, the actual dishes weren’t Indian. I wish I could say I liked everything, but I didn’t.  The appetizers were amazing, but I didn’t really care for all the side dishes and my main entree (duck) was not impressive.  My duck leg was dry… and dry.  Overall, the thali style dishes made for a fun and memorable experience.  I’m not sure if I’d go back, maybe except during SRW again for the price, but I would definitely consider going back to try the dessert thali anytime.

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The only other restaurant I had time to check out was La Medusa in the cute business strip of Columbia City.  My appetizer choice was chicken liver crostini with apple slices, which was the perfect starter before a very moist and flavorful duck breast entree.  I finished off with a mouse-like chocolate cake and you can never go wrong with chocolate.  Both my friend and I went for the Duck Breast entree.  We both commented it was one of the best duck breasts we ate.  It was prepared just right with a bit of pink.  Altogether, I thought it was one of my best meals in a long time.  I would definitely return to La Medusa.  This restaurant is very tiny.  It’s a great place for a romantic date or just catching up with a friend, but not so much for groups because of the size.

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October 18, 2012

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