Happy Hour @ Ba Bar

We came to Ba Bar for Happy Hour after a photoshoot.  Another couple/friends of ours met us up there.  We arrived right before HH ended so we scrambled and ordered a bunch of things off the HH as well as regular bar menu.  While everyone around us seemed to have ordered pho or vermicelli bowl, we didn’t come here for that.  I was more interested in the “street food” dishes.  To be honest we ordered so many dishes to share family-style that I can’t remember exactly everything we ordered.  I might not even have snapped a photo of everything.

Let’s see if I can remember some of them. First row L to R: Okra on a bed of pickled veggies, Grille White Prawns, Grilled Frog Legs, Spicy Pork Belly.  Second row L to R: Fish (I want to say catfish but can’t recall) vermicelli wrap, Steamed Clams, Grilled Lemongrass Beef, Spicy Saigon Chicken Wings.  I loved everything except for the okra.. it falls into he same slimy veggie bucket as egg plants and I hate that slimy texture.  This fish in particular was also too gamey for me (again I want to say it was catfish) although I loved grilled catfish growing up.

Ba Bar doesn’t have much of a dessert menu (and I didn’t expect it to).  There weren’t many options left by the time we got there.  I couldn’t pass up on macarons so we got a couple pieces.  I don’t think they make them in-house, but wherever they got them they were pretty good.

I didn’t take any photos of the interior, but I love what they did to the place.  Love the look of the bar and the rustic feel of the rest of the restaurant.

Ba Bar on Urbanspoon

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September 3, 2012

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