Breakfast @ Randy’s Restaurant

I drive past Randy’s just about everyday on my way to work.  With my coworker’s recommendation I decided to check it out for breakfast one morning.  She highly recommended the corned beef hash so I had high expectations for it.  I think it may be as good as my coworker claims if it wasn’t for me… by that I mean I don’t too care much for potato hash.  I was expecting the corn beef hash to change my mind about potato hash and it just didn’t.  Fortunately, the french toasts made up for it.  All in all the breakfast dishes tasted just how they look, a meal from a typical all american diner.  The decor and theme of the place is pretty cool though.  It’s has an airplane theme.  It’s located right by Boeing Field so go figure!  I admit I was very intrigued by all the model airplanes and vintage pictures and magazines.  They even had a display case of vintage cameras!  Kids would totally love this place!  Randy’s is open 24 hours and is a great alternative to IHOP or Denny’s if you’re ever nearby there.  Would I go back?  Why not if I’m in the area :)

Randy's Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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May 28, 2012

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