Black Bottle

This was my second time here at Black Bottle in Belltown.  The first time was for a holiday dinner for my work.  I was so excited to try the amazing broccoli I’ve been hearing about.  I mean, who really orders a broccoli dish when you’re out for dinner?  Well, the veggie dish lived up to the hype.  This time a group of friends and I went for Seattle Restaurant Week except I opted to venture off the SRW menu to get more variety of dishes.  Of course I got their  famous Broccoli Blasted again!  In addition, I got Pork Belly & Kimchi, Steamed clams and the Hanger steak.  These three dishes were also very good.  Pork belly is my weakness and I enjoyed how they prepared it.  I’m also very picky when it comes to shell fish.  I have to say the clams were cooked and flavored very well.  As for the hanger steak, well it’s hanger steak so it’s not the best steak, but it wasn’t bad either.  What I didn’t try were any of their wine selections so this review is just on the food ;) .

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April 8, 2012

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