22 Brunch

Checked out a brunch spot in Capitol Hill.  I couldn’t wait to try this place after coming across a good review on it.  However, my experience didn’t mirror that review at all.  The brunch dishes were okay… average.  To be honest even IHOP is more memorable in my mind!  We ordered eggs benedict, egg omelet  and their french toasts.  French toasts are my favorite breakfast dish.  The menu called it a cinnamon french toast so you would expect to have it taste like cinnamon, but there was only a light hint of it so that was disappointing.  I wasn’t too impressed by the other dishes we ordered either.  The setting and decor was definitely unique though.. kind of disjointed with the chapel benches, chandeliers and studded blue leather bar stools… but all kind of cool at the same time.  They offer an outdoor seating area as well and it looks like a fun place to relax on a nice Seattle day.

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April 14, 2012

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