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This is a way overdue blog post.  Back in December I finally made it out to Lunchbox Laboratory.  I was excited to see what the fuss over burgers and shakes was.  Thanks to Bloomspot I found that opportunity.  I have to say I really enjoyed my time there.  Being surrounded by vintage looking lunch box decor really took me back to when I was a kid.  Oh and the milkshakes served in beaker flasks?  Totally reminds me of chemistry class!  I have to admit it wasn’t one of my favorite subjects though, but all the lab experiments were pretty interesting.  Anyway, Lunchbox Laboratory…

I ordered the Whopper Malted Milk Ball shake…. OMG the best shake ever!!!  I love malt balls!

Pork rinds for appetizer.  This one took me all the way back to elementary school!  When I used to live in southern California I would buy these from street cart vendors after school and eat them while walking home from school.  Instead of the tapatio and buttermilk  ranch dipping sauce, they were sprinkled with lime juice and pepper powder.  So deelicious!  These were good too, but I didn’t  care for the sauces they came with.

And now the burgers….

The hubby ordered the Tear Jerker burger.  A tear jerker due the “jalapenos, habanero mayo, Satan’s-tears ketchup”.  Hubby confirmed it was tear jerking.  I didn’t dare to take a taste bite so I can’t say anymore.

I ordered the Dork burger, which is a duck and pork patty.  I was pretty disappointed because I could barely taste the duck in it.  And actually, there wasn’t very much taste at all.  A tasteless burger?  Hmm… I was not satisfied.

All in all, I’m not going to base my opinion of this place on my one-time bland burger experience.  I really do plan on going back again.  I have to say that I think  a dinner for two is quite expensive here.  I guess you just have to think “gourmet” though.  As I’m writing this post, there is a location on the eastside in Bellevue now.  There was a deal on Bloomspot recently for the Bellevue location.  Lucky us, we’ll have another opportunity to go back again soon :) .

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April 11, 2012

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