Via Tribunali Brunch

Earlier this year I bought a great brunch deal for Via Tribunali through Rue La La.  I’m seriously loving all these social deals websites.  I’m discovering places I probably wouldn’t check out simply because I didn’t know about it.  Well, I hate blogging this far out after I’ve eaten somewhere because I lose all my initial reactions to everything.  What I do remember about this place was how charming the setting was and how friendly and welcoming the staff were.  We headed to the upper Queen Anne location on a very nice Sunday morning and enjoyed ourselves a nice brunch.  We shared two breakfast pizzas.  The brunch deal also came with a plate of fresh fruits, a bottle of champagne and a carafe of orange juice.  Making our own mimosas was really fun, but a bottle of champagne between the two of us on an empty stomach meant we almost needed a designated driver, haha.  Overall, it was a great brunch experience.  The breakfast pizzas were filling, the fruits were a nice touch and the self-served mimosas were excellent!  If we didn’t have the brunch deal from Rue La La then the extra bottle of champagne can really rack up the bill so I’m glad we had it.  If you’re looking for something different with a fun brunch dining experience then check this joint out.

Egg on a breakfast pizza?  Yes please!!

Via Tribunali on Urbanspoon

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November 25, 2011

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